We appreciate your patience as we navigate this unprecedented time in our country. As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, we will send an email to each family regarding the summer tours to keep you informed. As of March 16, we have canceled all spring tours.
Black College Tours
Black College Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

The EST Black College Tour is a powerful educational experience designed to motivate students to improve their educational outcomes. Our Historically Black College or University (HBCU) tours open the doors of opportunity for our youth, helping them gain important insights regarding academic programs and majors at these colleges.

  • The HBCUs we work with are top-notch academic institutions that offer an outstanding education to propel your future.
  • Overall, HBCUs have an excellent professor-to-student ratio. Small colleges have more teachers per student!
  • 80% of all African-American professionals (doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, teachers, etc.) are graduates of an HBCU.
  • Fortune 500 companies consistently recruit HBCU graduates.
  • HBCUs not only provide their students with an excellent educational opportunity, they also provide an amazing social climate and leadership opportunities.
  • You will become part of a strong career network.
  • You will make life-long friends.
  • A very high percentage (57%) of all HBCU graduates go on to earn a masters or doctorate degree.
These three approaches have been successful for many parents and students:
  1. The Power of 100: One parent asked 100 people (friends, relatives, neighbors, church members and teachers) for $15 each — less than the cost of two movie tickets. She had her daughter write a letter about why she wanted to go on the Black College Tour and mailed the letter with a picture of her daughter in the corner. The Power of 100 letter was so successful that our tour particpant received over $1500. Download a sample “Power of 100” letter [Word doc] .
  2. Business Donations: Businesses are also willing to donate, especially to non-profit organizations like EST because they know they can write off the donation. Download a Sample Business Donation letter [Word doc] that you can help your student send. Perhaps consider sending them a Power of 100 letter [Word doc] that you create.
  3. Talent Shows: Some high schools are willing to let students put on a talent show and charge for the price of admission as a fundraiser. Asking Black “Greek” organizations at a local four-year college to put on a step show as a part of the talent show is a sure way to have a huge audience.
Plan on attending a mandatory orientation meeting approximately 30 days prior to departure, usually at a Los Angeles-area community college campus. If you do not live in the L.A. area, a phone orientation can be arranged to help you prepare for the trip.
We assign at least one chaperone for every 15 students on our tours for high school students. The chaperone ratio is usually much higher due to the number of adults who go on the trip each year. We select each chaperone carefully; they must have experience working with youth through either their schools or the churches they attend. Our chaperones have been working with us for 10 or more years.
Chaperones are selected prior to each tour by EST. Each chaperone is screened to make sure that she or he has an appropriate educational background and can work well with high school students.
Chaperones are responsible and making sure that students follow the established rules.
Students can be reached 24 hours a day by contacting the tour leader. The cell phone number(s) of the tour directors are given to all parents and students at the mandatory orientation.

Students must be in high school (9 - 12th grade) or accompanied by an adult if they are still in middle school.

The minimum age for participating is 15; alternatively, a student must be in at least the 9th grade. The best time to send your child on the trip is in 10th or 11th grade.

Parents tell us that their children come back from the trip motivated to do better in school after they hear the presentations from college admissions officers.

If at all possible, do not wait until your child is a senior. Nevertheless, we do have an excellent track record of placing seniors who attend our Spring Break Tour.

Participating students must turn in two forms prior to or on the day of the mandatory orientation meeting:
  1. Medical Consent form [PDF]
  2. Student Code of Conduct [PDF]
Visit the Forms page to download the forms. Email a completed form to yasminde@icloud.com, or mail them immediately to:

Educational Student Tours Attention: FORMS 5014 Shenandoah Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90056